Fall Menu

We launched our new FALL MENU last week, after serving our last Organic Heirloom Tomato Salad: those thick juicy slices our customers couldn’t get enough of, with sweet onion, sea salt, a basil leaf or 2, a chunk of Ruth Klaasen’s addictive Pecorino Fresco from Monforte and a generous pour of Aspromontano EVO from Angelo Tramonti’s family in Calabria. Time to move on. A wonderful time of year, the big, final harvest coming in. What to leave out is more of the challenge. Fresh romano beans ( the freezer is almost full), celery root, the many varieties of kale, puntarelle, Treviso and Chioggia radicchio, squash, romanesco broccoli (‘christmas tree’), sweet bell peppers, big piles of the little ‘finger hots’ to string up for our winter supply, pears, apples, quince...stop, enough! We’ll obviously have to do another Fall menu in a few weeks.

Something we’re re-visiting, a memory from the Abruzzo a few years ago. At this time of year the smell of peppers roasting on the BBQ is definitely one of the great smells: