Zucca is Celebrating 20 Years!

On Valentine’s Day 1997 we opened the doors to our new neighbourhood. “A breath of fresh air in Midtown!” enthused the Toronto Star. 20 years later we are still taking deep breaths, excited to be offering our seasonal ingredient -driven Italian cuisine, drawing inspiration from Sicily and Sardinia to Alto Adige, from Puglia to Liguria, constantly reinventing our menus with new dishes while revisiting our classics.

Our thanks to our amazing customers who continue to support us, some of them from the beginning, whose children have now also become regulars. And of course thanks to the many culinary adventurers who are continually discovering us hidden away as we are at Yonge and Eglinton. 

As soon as the weather warms up a little you will see Chef Andrew Milne-Allan and his cooks hobnobbing with the farmers at the local organic markets sourcing the best and the freshest. Bring it on!

See our Early Spring Menu here.