Amarena are a variety of cherries grown in Bologna and Modena. In the early 20th century Rachele Buriani invented a “magic” recipe for what would become the first ever Amarena Fabbri cherry.

Her husband Gennaro Fabbri gave his wife Rachele a beautifully decorated ceramic vase, specially created by the famous Faenza ceramicist Riccardo Gatti: a little gift to thank her for her latest culinary creation.

115 years later, the cherries and the jar – with its unmistakable Faenza blue and white colors, have become iconic symbols for Fabbri 1905.

They are great in Manhattens. They make the best Shirley Temples. If you are lucky you can find them in pannetone. We use them on desserts, like our CREMOSO di CIOCCOLATO BIANCO, and I enjoy them regularly on vanilla ice-cream. My guilty pleasure!