12″ circular pizza pan with low sides
300g chick pea flour
750g cold water
1 tspn salt
medium onion, thinly sliced
dried rosemary
extra virgin olive oil
parchment paper


Whisk 1/2 water into the flour beating out the lumps. Add the rest of the water and the salt, whisk well. Let the batter rest overnight.

Cut parchment paper into a circle just larger than the pan. When ready to cook preheat oven to 475 f. Place the paper over the pan, smoothing it into the edges with your fingers.

Whisk the batter again, adding a splash more cold water if necessary. It should be the consistency of table cream.  Spread the onions evenly around the bottom of the pan and season with salt. Generously cover the onions with olive oil. Using a large ladle add 2/3 of the batter to the pan. With a rubber spatula mix the olive oil and batter together. It does not need to be mixed completely. Add the remaining batter.

Place in hot oven. After 7  minutes when the batter is starting to set, sprinkle the rosemary evenly over the surface. Continue baking for 20 more minutes, then increase the heat to 500f and bake for 4 more minutes, until the bottom is golden brown and crispy. Remove from the oven, dress with extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground black pepper. When cool enough to handle transfer the farinata to a wire rack to finish cooling.