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This crunchy, savoury flatbread is a Zucca specialty. We love to serve it at the start of every meal. We’ll either drop a plate off at your table, or tuck some into your take-away bag. You can order a whole wheel from us, or find the recipe here.

Farfalle Mare e Monte

Farfalle Mare e Monte

Chef Adriano has made a new pasta! Mare e monte means "from the hills and the sea". We are using house made farfalle or "butterfly" pasta tossed in a light pan ragu of wild Argentinean shrimp, fresh porcini, wine and fresh herbs.

Una Serrata Nel Veneto

Una Serrata Nel Veneto

Wednesday October 28, 2015 cicheti veneziani sarde in saòr baccalà mantecato peperoni rossi arrotolati trevigiano e fagioli al balsamico _____________ riso venere con polipo black rice risotto with octopus ____________ insalata autunnale alla veneta crisp apple,...

Abruzzese food

Join us for a 4 course menu of traditional Abruzzese food, lovingly paired with the fantastic wines of La Valentina. Born in the hills overlooking Spoltore near Pescara, this boutique estate produces terroir driven wines based on a philosophy of sustainability and low...

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